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ST: Commuters walking on the train tracks between City Hall and Dhoby Ghaut stations. They took the three-minute walk through the tunnel after being trapped in a train for about an hour. -- PHOTO: LIM HWEI LEE

The carriages were pitched dark, filled with stale air. This was what probably thousands of commuters experienced when their train stalled in the tunnel on December 15 2011.

To prevent suffocation, a passenger broke a window with a fire extinguisher. After closed to an hour, the trapped passengers were finally being ‘released’, only to find that they have to walk along the dimly lit tunnel to the next nearest station.

I would never have imagined such a scene in Singapore.

We have always boasted being first class in almost everything , our transport system being one of them. Yes, train breakdowns have been quite frequent recently but one of such magnitude, I do not recall.

Amidst all the anger among citizens, one thing we can all learn from this is, NEVER take things FOR GRANTED.

SMRT , has recently, in my opinion probably been taking things for granted. From security lapse to constant train disruptions and the latest mishap. Can all these be avoided? Well, I am no engineer but I certainly think that the experts within the company should have been able to dealt with these better, after all, machines are under command of humans, no?

Perhaps the top management has also taken for granted that their operational crew are taking care of stuff? Could all the recent mishaps been avoided if each and everyone of them put in more effort to see to it?

Of course, we the commuters, whom have all this while been enjoying our excellent infrastructure , might have not been too appreciative of our system too, especially when everything is working without any hitch.

Yes, Singapore has been too well managed. So much so that many of us have taken it for granted.. We expect everything to be perfect to what we want.

Yes, this breakdown has caused many inconveniences and angst.

But what this major breakdown actually showed us is – no system is perfect. We must never ever take for granted the good that we have been enjoying. To maintain a good system, efforts are needed. Things do not just fall into place from the sky. We have to work hard towards excellency.

Similarly, Singapore has had years of peacefulness, harmony & efficiency. We, the people, have been too well taken care of till we do not realise it. Most of our children have never had to go hungry for a day.

But, all these can just go down the drain should we not be careful.

No system is a guarantee and Singapore does not have any special privilege either.

Quote: “Only a stomach that rarely feels hungry scorns common things.” ~Horace

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