[“Can we survive without money? ”  “Can we truly be happy without money?” ]

by sassy-1

How often have we heard ,-  “Money can’t buy you happiness” ?

But the truth is, can we survive without dollar & cents ?

Long gone are days of barter trade.

 Our basic needs now will require money.
– a roof over our head (even if we rent a one room flat from the Government)
– 3 meals (even if it’s roti / plain porridge / instant noodle…)
– clothes (even if it’s from pasar malam)

And if we want to satisfy our wants, we will need MORE money.
We want to live in a 5 room flat or a Condominium. We need more money.
We want to own a car. We need more money.
We want to own a BIG car. We need even more money.
We want to travel and see the world. We need more money
We want to own that Prada. We need more money.
We want our kids to attend piano class, enrichment class, ballet. We need more money……& the list goes on.

Yes, money cannot buy us everything. But without money, can we truly be happy?

No. I do not need to fulfil my WANTS  to be happy. I can live without those WANTS.
But I will be miserable if I am not able to at least meet my minimum needs. I would have failed as a parent if I am not even able to provide basic meals (even plain roti) for my kids.

Then, of course, there are those who feels happy simply by sharing their wealth. When the needy is able to receive that important dollar as aid, his/her basics can be met and should thus feel happy too. But where does that dollar originate from?

Simply, some people can be happy with just sufficient money to get by.
Some, on the other hand, will need more before they smile.

No matter what, there is no denying that money – though not everything –  & whether we admit or not, plays a role to the road of  happiness.

How then are we going to obtain that all precious ‘happiness ticket’ ? We can either work for it or we wait for it to drop from the sky.

A country’s GDP is an indication of how wealthy a country is.  Country with higher GDP often spells more opportunities for work. And as an individual in ‘ pursuit of happiness’, isn’t this important?

Complaining about our Singapore Government’s concern over growth but at the same time, demanding that our Government provide free education, free / low healthcare, free transport, low housing prices, low tax……
this is akin to our child wanting us to buy him a psp, an Xbox, an iphone, a yearly overseas trip and complaining that we are only concern about our work & not spending time with him.

The truth is, we all need to work to earn that dollar. Cause at the very least, that dollar = survival = simple happiness.

So, the next time before we make noise  about concern over GDP growth, let’s put our hand to our heart and ask ourselves,

“Can we survive without money? ”  “Can we truly be happy without money?”

Errrr…perhaps you can sell me your iphone for a pack of salt?